Sunday Dinners Thru The Week Cookbook



This is a Cook Book with Louisiana Taste & Flair

Cooking using the best & Freshest ingredients, precise measurements, and technique to make fresh, homemade dishes in your own kitchen from “Sunday Dinners Thru The Week Cookbook.


With just the simplest ingredients and a handful of unique kitchen tools, you can make cooking in your kitchen exciting and fun.


Inside, you'll find:

*Recipes for soup & Sides, Main Dishes, Breads & Rolls, Dessert & Treats, Cookies & Treats, and Smoothies & Fruit.  Everything made completely from scratch.


*Fully step-by-step instructions for baking, mixing, and so much more.  Takes these recipes and make unforgettable dishes for you and your family

We selected different recipes that I know your friends & family would enjoy, for a lifetime of enjoyable memories. Good food bridges generational gaps. 

 We created our cookbook in PDF format, to save you money. And for instant download for people that want to get cooking quickly and enjoy these tasty meals.

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 Sunday Dinners Thru The Week Cookbook






















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