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Sunday Dinners Thru The Week is a collection of unforgettable recipes handed down from generation to generation. Growing up in Louisiana & coming from a large family, it was the norm for my father and mother, along with ten (10) children, to be drawn together three times a day eagerly waiting with excitement, knowing that Mama had prepared another delicious meal.  As we gather around the dinner table, our mouth watered with anticipation as we waited to be served.  Life never seemed better.


Today, we laugh and talk about those childhood memories and delicious meals that taste like heaven, so I decided to give you – Sunday Dinners Thru The Week Cookbook.  This cookbook comes with recipes served by my Mother and myself.  Baking traditions of these recipes dictates precise measurement, baking conditions and use of only the finest ingredients.  Find out for yourself, by enjoying these unforgettable tastes that is the Trademark of “The Fruit Of The Spirit & Design, LLC. 


“In a Nutshell……as a first time cook or if you have been cooking for years; take these recipes and make it your own.  You will be passing down these memories to your family what you have created for generations to come.”


Ann Booker


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